Riverside Festival

Attention All Dancers

Promotional Video

A promo video done by Flustervision for the 2022 edition of the Riverside Festival in Glasgow.

ATTENTION ALL DANCERS. Please take note of our #RF22 manifesto.

Whether you’re here for power dancing, cutting shapes, creating waves, pounding beats, headsy convos, speaker meets, chancing yer arm at dancefloor romancing, taps aff bromancing, finding your friends front left … or finding yourself.

You must be respectful of everyone else. No matter what their identity, race, gender or sexuality, EVERYBODY has the right to PARTY.

This includes non-binary angels, queers, queens, quines and whomever else.

We’re a’ Jock Tamson’s bairns. Here for a guid time. Nae discrimination or bad vibes allowed. Say naw tae toxic behaviours, abuse and violence. Say aye tae LOVE on the dancefloor. Gie it laldi, gie it one more tune! Let the music guide you.

RAVE safely, and bravely with a big heart; and we can show everyone, this is where the fun starts.

Express yourself and allow others to do the same, after all that is why we came.

Words: @cathepburnwrite
Music: @djannagram – Celestial Objects (@remmahrecords)

Georgina Penstkart is a video artist based out of Glasgow, providing unique visuals for a number of well-known clubs in the city as well as having produced music videos for a number of musical artists. More of her work can be viewed here.

JJD (Jack Duckworth) is a Glasgow-based graphic designer and visual artist with his own company under the name JJD Works. He also plays and performs music solo as Soft Riot, an electronic music project.

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