Sudden Vision Zones

Full Length Visual Film

Soft Riot as OSTROFTI is JJD. Written, recorded and mixed between August 25-31, 2020 at Studio Carillon, Glasgow, Scotland Special for Meditape. Visuals sourced, produced, treated and edited by Flustervision (Georgina Penstkart & JJD) February-March 2021.



Georgina Penstkart is a video artist based out of Glasgow, providing unique visuals for a number of well-known clubs in the city as well as having produced music videos for a number of musical artists. More of her work can be viewed here.

JJD (Jack Duckworth) is a Glasgow-based graphic designer and visual artist with his own company under the name JJD Works. He also plays and performs music solo as Soft Riot, an electronic music project.

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