She Past Away

Durdu Dünya

Boy Harsher Remix / Official Video

Filming, editing and processing by Georgina Penstkart and JJD as Flustervision.
With assistance from Marcel Wave (figure in video).
Filmed in Glasgow, Scotland.

X” by She Past away celebrates a decade of music, featuring 22 remixes of our songs by influential acts and emerging artists on the current dark-wave and post-punk scene. “X” is available for pre-orders in physical formats now. This is the second single which is followed by the full release on 22 May 2020.

Georgina Penstkart is a video artist based out of Glasgow, providing unique visuals for a number of well-known clubs in the city as well as having produced music videos for a number of musical artists. More of her work can be viewed here.

JJD (Jack Duckworth) is a Glasgow-based graphic designer and visual artist with his own company under the name JJD Works. He also plays and performs music solo as Soft Riot, an electronic music project.

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